Balloons For The Dog

Assorted images

Deluxe Collection 1977-79

mixed (leo bongoes,suit,toilet)
vic, bill
mixed (jet, bill-leo)
LK preen, backstage Col Sta (grain)
mixed (don mask, leo-george
LK showerstall 1
LK preen, backstage Col Sta
LK bongoes
Leo bathroom 1
Leo, Bill mask
k-bros 2
jet, lee, don bros
jet makeup
gl maniacal
k-bros 1
george, lee bathroom
DF suit, mask
don, george, foot
df scowl, drumming

All music © Baltech Industries

All tunes © William Kitsoulis except:

*Chris Steele Kitsoulis


Produced by Balloons for the Dog

3340 Engineering/Production/Mastering Dr. Brian Bennett

La BS studios, Greenbelt, MD except:

•Track Studio, Silver Spring, MD


George 'Jet' Liebensfeld   Vocals

Chris Steele Kitsoulis  Vocals

Bill Longhorse  Guitars

Dr. Brian G Bennett  Bass/Keyboards/Clarinet/Vocals

Eric Bindman  Violins

Al Williams   Drums (Tracks 1-4)

Donald Fontaine  Drums (Tracks 5-10, 12,13)