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Balloons For The Dog (etc.)

Assorted images

mixed (leo bongoes,suit,toilet)
vic, bill
mixed (jet, bill-leo)
LK preen, backstage Col Sta (grain)
mixed (don mask, leo-george
LK showerstall 1
LK preen, backstage Col Sta
LK bongoes
Leo bathroom 1
Leo, Bill mask
k-bros 2
jet, lee, don bros
jet makeup
gl maniacal
k-bros 1
george, lee bathroom
DF suit, mask
don, george, foot
df scowl, drumming

All music © Baltech Industries

All tunes © William Kitsoulis except:

*Chris Steele Kitsoulis


∆ Chris Kitsoulis/Tom Cox

Produced by Balloons for the Dog

3340 Engineering/Production/Mastering Dr. Brian Bennett

La BS studios, Greenbelt, MD except:

•Track Studio, Silver Spring, MD


George 'Jet' Liebensfeld   Vocals

Chris Steele Kitsoulis  Vocals

Bill Longhorse  Guitars

Dr. Brian G Bennett  Bass/Keyboards/Clarinet/Vocals

Eric Bindman  Violins

Al Williams   Drums (Tracks 1-4)

Donald Fontaine  Drums (Tracks 5-10, 12,13)

Larry Thorne  Background vocals (Track 8)

Deluxe Collection 1977-79

The Disciples of Modern Footwear

SPECIAL RELEASE August 2022: newly excavated from the La BS archives, dating back to the Ford administration, an often compelling collection of numbers from maestro William's just-pre-Balloons repertoire, the ancient mix tape played back a'wowing and a'fluttering on a vintage 51-year old (Nixon era) Concord MKII Hysteresis Drive 3-head 4-tr. stereo tape player,

For the first time in worldwide release:

All music ©1977 William Kitsoulis

Production and Teac 3340 engineering by

Dr. Brian G Bennett

for La BS studios

Recorded July 1976-January 1977

William Kitsoulis   Guitars, vocals, random chatter

Dr. Bennett    Fender Bass, Keyboards, Vocals, Bongoes, puerile improv, dependable, sometimes inspired, mediocrity

Special Guests:

Toni Wilson  Vocals (Tr. 8, 10)

Eric Bindman  Violin (Tr. 5, 7)

Al Williams  Drums (Tr. 4, 10)

Dale Carrigan  Drums (Tr. 7)

Tom Crawford  Alto Sax (Tr. 4)

Mike Vlahakis  Background vocals (Tr. 10)

Stuart   Bongoes (Tr. 3)

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