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J.S. Bach Preludes & Fugues (Bk.1) (selected)
J.S. Bach French Suite #2 in C minor
Serene Muses on Indiana (apologies Ch. Parker)
Not a Muse on Ft. Lauderdale 2001

Und hier recently exhumed from the legendary 1999 sessions, this long, (mercifully?) lost rendering by Maestro Cue of Bach's French Suite #1 in D minor-- presented here nearly complete.  The Courante still missing (or perhaps impishly omitted by the oft-mischievous Pete E.?). But still all-too-present is the joyously malign Cueish romping, his piano 'tuned' in the always-piquant late-20th century Lauderdalian temperament:

Hot from the archives:
Herr J.S. Bach:
French Suite #1 in D min.

Copy of Pete E_edited_edited.png

(or 10 thalers)

A grand new release from the long and prudently neglected catalog of Pete E. Cue's defiantly deconstructed Bach: from the archives, ca. 2007, Cue's dyspeptically inspired (or rather perspired, or indeed expired?), inevitably 'sin'fully phony (mostly) 3-part Inventions

Pete E_edited.jpg
A Brian G. Bennett production for In Vain Records, © 2022

And now at long last, to his several fans' perhaps modest delight (or more disturbingly, their masochistic curiosity), Pete E. Cue can be seen performing (in his way) as the screen idol (i.e. 'idler') one could have feared him to be.  Avert your gaze, as need be, and behold:

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