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The dynamic and wide-ranging music of Unity Santa Fe is central to every Sunday service, with rousing as well as meditative congregational singing,  highlighted by guest local and national performers including our own talented Joyful Sound Singers choir, all serving with a distinctive Santa Fe flavor to inspire and uplift as it enhances the communication and celebration of core Unity principles. 

Coming up live in Zoom music at Unity Santa Fe:

Sunday, July 19

Chris Chickering

Sunday, July 26

Mario Reynolds

Enjoy the Unity Santa Fe 

Zoom service videos:

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Easter music

April 12:

May 24 service:

Catherine Donavon, Jerry & Karol Ryan, Cynthia Delvin, Elia Redfield, with the BB Midi-Me orchestra

July 7 service:

Catherine Donavon, Brian Bennett

Prepare Ye
New Age Blessing
In Our Oneness

© Catherine Donavon

This Land Is Your Land

© Woody Guthrie

Halle Halle Halle
On Eagle's Wings
Shine Your Light!
Jubilate Joyfully Sing

© Michael Joncas; Catherine Donavon, vocals

Can't Buy Me Love

(© Lennon/McCartney)  

Featuring the Unity Santa Fe

Fab 4:

Catherine Donavon, Elia Redfield,

Cynthia Delvin, Brian Bennett

(with the Midi-Me band)

with Jerry & Karol Ryan

(© Leonard Cohen; 

Lyrics Catherine Donavon)  

Joyful Sound Singers

Catherine Donavon, Elia Redfield,

Cynthia Delvin, Brian Bennett, 

Jerry & Karol Ryan


(© Jude Byrne)  

Jude Byrne & Carlos Planas


(May 31 Zoom service)

For What It's Worth
For What It's Worth

(© Stephen Stills 1966)

Catherine Donavon, vocal, 

with the BB Midi-Me band

(June 7 Zoom service)

(© Greg Gilpin)  

Joyful Sound Singers

with Barbara Bentree


Sampling of upcoming Joyful Sound Singers CD
Unity Choir CD songs mix -
00:00 / 00:00
Let the Sunshine
Joyful Sound 'Sunshine' Singers
February 24, 2019

All videos © 2020 Brian Bennett

Want to join a recorded sing along with the Unity Santa Fe

Joyful Sound Singers?

Dr. Brian Bennett

Music Director/Pianist

Unity Santa Fe

For more information about music at

Unity Santa Fe, please contact Brian:

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upcoming music events at

Unity Santa Fe


Unity Santa Fe Joyful Sound Singers




Participation in the Joyful Sound Singers is  truly a joy, and the good news is we are always seeking new singers.  Membership is open to one and all who can carry a tune.  No singing experience required -- although greatly appreciated, particularly part-singing skills.


The Joyful Sound Singers have performed a broad range of music styles, often challenging (depending on membership).  Performances for the service are once a month--usually the last Sunday, with only two Sunday afternoon rehearsals shortly after the service (12:15-1:30).  Please enjoy some excerpts from our upcoming recording: