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Selected works produced for the
National Dance Institute of New Mexico

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Sergei Prokofiev
Peter & the Wolf
NDI Hiland Theater Winter Show
March 2, 2014
Evelyn Cisneros   Direction & Choreography
Brian Bennett    Music Arrangement & Direction


Musicians & Narration:   Laurie Magovern   Narrator     Kurt Carr  Flute       Melissa Sassaman  Oboe       Aaron Shemas  Clarinet                      Debra Poulin  Bassoon     Jan McDonald  Trumpet     Kevin Ward  Keyboard      Justin Bransford  Bass      Mark Clark  Percussion

Liang gè sàijì de gai yáng

*Two Seasons of the Sheep

      Original music for the National Dance Institute of New Mexico
2015 Winter Dance Escape
'Winter Into Spring' (Allegra Lillard, choreography)
Recorded March 1, 2015, NDI Dance Barns, Santa Fe, NM
Kerry Lay  Violin   Chase Morrison  'Cello   Kurt Carr  Flute   
Aaron Shemas  Clarinet    Kevin Ward  Piano     Brian Bennett  Direction


Music ©2014

Brian Bennett

Igor Stravinsky
Firebird Suite

National Dance Institute of New Mexico

Spring Into Action

Allegra Lillard & Tara Debevec choreography

Music arranged and conducted by Brian Bennett

Recorded March 5, 2017

NDI Dance Barns, Santa Fe, NM


Jesse Tatum
Flute & piccolo

Elaine Heltman

Andrew Cho

Kerry Lay

Dana Winograd


Kevin Ward

A Socially Distanced Film for a 
Global E

Video produced Fall/Winter 2020-21


Rodney Rivera

Steven Melendez

Tom Porras

Original music soundtrack

composed and produced* by

Brian Bennett

*with Elizabeth Young, violin on Valles Caldera segment

All original and arranged music ©Brian Bennett

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